Six Month Novel Application
Thanks for applying, we can't wait to read about your novel!

You can scroll through the questions, but you can't save the form so please draft and save your answers before pasting them in here.

Questions with an asterisk are required, but we'd love for you to fill it all in. The more information we have the more we can tailor the programme for you.

Applications close on Sunday 18th February. It will take us a while to read them, but we'll be in touch as quickly as we can after Monday 26th February and let you know the next steps.
What's your full name? *

(and what would you like to be called? If you prefer a nickname, pop it after your name)
Where in the world are you?

We ask this both because it's interesting and so that we know what time zones we all are.
Do you have a website?

We're nosy. If you do, please let us know your URL.
Tell us a little about yourself *

You don't need to get your knickers in a twist and spend ages over this one, we'd just like to get to know you a bit. What writing experience do you have? Do you have a chinchilla or an obsession with tea and swing dance? What do you do for a living?
What genre will your novel be? Who are you writing for?

This doesn't have to be a mainstream genre. If you are writing sci-fi romance in a historical setting, that's cool! Just let us know how you would classify it and who you want to read it.
Who are your main characters?

Do you have detailed information about your characters yet? Or maybe even just their names and hair colors? Let us know what you have so far.
Where and when is your novel set?

If you've considered this, tell us a little about it.
Tell us about your novel idea in an up to 300 word synopsis *

Pitch time! Summarise your novel idea. We want to know: who the main character is, what they want, what the central conflict/question is, who/what stands against them and how it ends. Make sure you cover ALL of these points (no cliffhangers about the ending, please).

Do you have a working title yet? If so, put it at the top.

Don't be scared. We know it won't be complete and will change as we work through plotting and actually writing, we just want to be certain you are prepared and have a workable idea.
What are your biggest fears and problems when it comes to writing?

This will help us know where to focus our help. Do you have problems staying motivated to write? Are you unsure about how to plot? Are you frightened of monsters under your bed?
Choose a novel to deconstruct

Can you think of a novel you admire in your genre or that has a connection to your project, maybe through structure or voice (make sure it does not have a similar plot)? Why have you chosen this novel?
If you don't have one in mind don't worry, you'll pick one to deconstruct and learn from in the intro week.
Have you done your research? *

This is an intense six months of planning, writing, and editing. We haven't planned any time for you to research or get side-tracked. So we just need a simple yes or no, are you ready, or will you be ready by the start?
Which level of support would you like?

Do you know where you heard about the Six Month Novel?

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